How it Works


All competitors are to report with the crews and machines to the Race pit area by 3 o’clock on the Race day


All Team Members report to the Registration Office to complete their Registration. To Register you have to have paid your Fees, Filled in Team paperwork, then sign you parent Declarations (12-17 years only) and Race Disclaimer

Car Inspection

The Car will be inspected by one of the Official Race Inspectors to ensure it confirms to the race rules.


After each Race the same inspector will confirm that car is still confirming to the Race rules

Move to Starting Arena

Post inspection the car then is moved to the starting arena, to be on show to the general public

Push Start

A draw will take place by the team captains to fix the starting order. Any repairs to the car are to be undertaken between each race without affecting the starting order were possible

Help and Assistance

Teams are encouraged to offer any assistance to other competitors were possible, in the spirit of the event

Start Line

Teams will be given 10 mins notice to their start, They will be moved to the start line which is 3 metres behind the start grid and wait to be called forward by the start master. On being called the car is to be moved to the front end of the starting line. Drivers will be asked if they are ready then the start master will then do a countdown from 3 to 1 to the start. Crew will assist by push starting the machine.

Off the Track

Should a car not make the whole course the car will be moved off the course by race marshals to one of a number of pits on the hill, Failure to finish will result in a no score for that part of the race for that team

Finish Line procedure

Once a car passes the finish line the car will then be moved to the safe area were the driver can dismount. When indicated you will be attached to a toe vehicle which will toe you back up the hill to the starting arena by a safe route.


The Spirit of the event is one of fun. Be competitive but don’t lose sight of its overall aim. If there is any objection the race officials will deliver their verdict with safety being their priority followed by the rules and spirit of the event. If you are unsure then please ask the race committee before taking any action