Race Rules

Notwithstanding the competitive part of the race, the rules are the rules. They are there to provide an even plain to work by for the betterment of all competitors, while providing a safe fun environment for competitors and the public alike



The Safety of team members and the public are and will remain our first priority. Saying that don’t let this put you off, be imaginative creative and above all be determined to enter and have fun

Where to Start

There are a number of websites that can help you start your build, do some research, knowledge is never wasted

Who can help you start?

From Grandparents, Family and Friends to Workmates or even the Girl next Door, each will have something to bring to the table. Whether it’s the procurement of parts, painting the car, or just supplying somewhere to store your machine. Ask you never know. Where possible recycle don’t let the planet down.


All competitors and machines will be inspected prior to each race they enter. The Inspection is in two parts, Machines and Personnel. Both have to satisfy the race officials, they must meet the grade before they will be allowed to compete.

Team Crew Members

1. 4 Crew Members per team plus driver.
2. All crew Members must sign a declaration absolving the organisers from any and all responsibility at scrutiny.
3. All crew members must follow the instructions of the safety officials, marshals and the race committee.
4. All under 17 years olds must at scutiny, practice and racing be accompanied by a parent or guardian, who must have signed the Permission Form at scrutiny. If the driver looks under age then some form of ID may be requested to confirm the drivers age.

Car Numbers

Each Car will be issued its own unique number; each team is responsible for displaying their number so that the officials and the public can see it clearly

Teams are encouraged to get in the spirit of the race by being in team colours or costumes, plus advertising who they are an where they are from

Machine Specifications

1. The car must not exceed a total weight of 110kg less the driver
2. The car must not exceed a total width of 1.5m
3. The wheel base must not exceed 2m from the front and back axle
4. The chassis must not exceed 30cm ground clearance
5. Wheels diameter must not exceed 2m from the front and back axle
6. The car must have a rigid steering system (no ropes) with the driver sitting in the upright position
7. The car must be fitted with a minimum of rear braking system that can hold the car at the starting point
8. The floor of the car must have a fixed solid floor
9. The car must be fitted with a towing eye
10. The car must not have any design element that endangers themselves or the public (no glass, no glass mirrors, no sharp metal objects)
11. The Driver must have a quick hassle free exit from the car
12. Roll bars are not compulsory, but advised

Cannot be fitted or used

1. No jet packs
2. No electric or fuel motors
3. No sling shot start system
4. No Drive pedals
5. No Elastic band drives
6. No Smoke or fire devices
7. No Animals

Can be fitted

1. Sound system so long as they are dry battery charged and the battery is secured.
2. Lighting so long as they are dry battery charged and the battery is secured, if the light fitting is plastic it must be covered with a film cover.

The Driver

1. The driver must wear a BSA approved crash helmet (no bicycle helmets will be accepted)
2. The driver must be dressed with long trousers, long sleeve top and protective footwear
3. The driver must wear gloves, knee and elbow pads
4. Should a team enter two or more carts into the event; drivers can only drive one cart during the race not both or all.

End of Race Clean Up

Teams are responsible for the removal of all parts of their machines from the race area by 10 o’clock on the night of the race. The pit area will be provided with normal litter bins please use them. If using oil please make sure the ground is protected from damage or contamination